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Roy S. Neuberger was educated at the Ethical Culture Schools, where he met Linda (Leah) Villency, his future wife. They were married after Roy's sophomore year at the University of Michigan, from which they both graduated with High Honors in English Language and Literature.

After receiving his Master's Degree, Roy continued his English studies at Balliol College, Oxford, England, while Linda studied art at Oxford's Ashmolean Museum. After their return to America, Roy became Director of Conservation for the City of New York. Following two years in government, Roy became publisher and editor of a weekly newspaper in Cornwall, New York. After a move to Long Island in 1974, he worked as a newspaper editor, a yeshiva administrator and hedge fund operator.

In November, 2000, Roy's first book, "FROM CENTRAL PARK TO SINAI: How I Found My Jewish Soul," was published. It has since been reprinted three more times, the latest editions in paperback. It is also available in Russian translation and in audio format (CD and MP3). A Hebrew translation of FROM CENTRAL PARK TO SINAI is due out under the auspices of Feldheim Publishers by December, 2009. In November, 2003, Roy’s second book appeared, “WORLDSTORM: Finding Meaning & Direction Amidst Today’s World Crisis.”  Since 2000, Roy and Leah have toured the United States, Canada, England and Israel, where their story has evoked wide and heartfelt response. In June, 2008, Roy’s third book, 2020 VISION was released by Feldheim Publishers. Translations into Hebrew and Spanish are currently in preparation. The Neubergers' children and grandchildren live in Israel and the New York metropolitan area

  1. FROM CENTRAL PARK TO SINAI: How I Found My Jewish Soul
  2. WORLDSTORM: Finding Meaning and Direction Amidst Today's World Crisis. (Looking at the contemporary world through the lens of eternal Torah values and insights)
  3. Hope for Redemption in a Chaotic World: Based on 2020 VISION
  4. The Parsha and Seasonal Topics, with Insights from our personal experience.



Leah Neuberger was raised in Long Island, the product of an assimilated family for whom Jewish observance was a relic of the past. After years of an “American” childhood, attending the finest schools, she and her husband Roy felt there must be more to life. Roy’s book, “From Central Park to Sinai: How I Found My Jewish Soul,” recounts their spiritual journey.

Besides speaking, Leah instructs kallahs (prospective brides) and works on shidduchim (setting up dates for singles), and teaches prayer classes at Hineni. In addition, she was president of Sisterhood at her synagogue for twelve years.

Leah and Roy have spoken extensively – both separately and together – throughout the United States, Canada, England and Israel since 2000.

  2. Dating and Marriage: The Secular versus the Torah Way
  3. Marriage and Raising Children: The Secular versus the Torah Way
  4. Shalom Bayis: Creating a Jewish Home
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From Central Park to Sinai Worldstorm 2020 Vision
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